Published work

Please click on the links below to see a small selection of my work for national titles:

The Pull of the River: A Journey into the Wild and Watery Heart of Britain 27337131_10156158955214853_5631592335635434907_n

The winter tales: why it it feels glorious to dive into a river as the temperatures plummet – i News, December 28

How can you turn your child into a sports star? – The Telegraph, July 21

It’s the best World Cup, but is it also the most sexist? – The Telegraph, July 3

Parenting websites aren’t just for mums – The Telegraph, June 20

Is Simon Cowell really dad of the year material? – The Telegraph, May 22

How can I explain UKIP to my five-year-old son? – The Telegraph, May 16

‘I banned my son from having toy guns’ – The Guardian, April 26

‘Why doesn’t society take stay-at-home-dads seriously?’ – The Telegraph, April 2

‘The rural idyll – it’s an urban myth’ – The Times, October 28

‘I was a selfish dad’ – The Guardian, August 27

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